Here's what our students have to say about us: 

I first came to Center Street Studios because my friend and co-worker convinced me we should try pilates during lunchtime on Fridays.  I was very skeptical to try pilates because of prior “pilates” classes I had taken at gyms in the past- but after one class I was hooked (even though I had a super sore tailbone from not rolling like a ball correctly yet!)  My favorite pilates exercise is boomerang- it’s just so fun and it feels good and challenging.  My favorite part of every class though is our first full body stretch laying on the ground- I always take a deep breath and really try to focus my energy on class and nothing else.  The people at the studio are what keeps me coming back.  All of the students are so friendly and encouraging and it’s a great environment- I never feel uncomfortable or out of place.  And all of the instructors are amazing- I have learned so much from Lesley about how to be a strong person, inside and out.  I have loved every class I have taken!  And the classes themselves keep me coming back- I have gained more strength than I thought was even possible
— Lorhel S.
I’ve spent the past year and a half as a member of a Pilates and Yoga studio down here in Virginia - I am so heartbroken to be leaving these incredible ladies. I’ve learned more about my body since joining, not only physically but mentally - and become a better person because of the people I have met and the fitness knowledge I have gained. Working out doesn’t feel like working out, when you do it with people you truly enjoy.
— Kaitlyn W.
I will never forget walking into my first ever yoga class. I was really nervous to take a class but within seconds I was at ease because of Candi. She was welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. After the first class I was hooked and her classes are the bright spot of my week. She is AWESOME.
— J.B.
Wonderful studio with wonderful classes in the heart of Old Town. Great location if you live or work in Manassas and there is no better Pilates instructor than Lesley.
— Amy T.
This is a very cute studio in the heart of the old town Manassas. (Beware of the one way streets - my only caution!) :) The look and feel of the building allow you to relax and the renovations done to the studio itself, make it a very trendy, comfortable and efficient space to practice your yoga in. Lili’s Sunday classes are a great balance of exercise and relaxing - you’ll feel like you worked out but can still relax to the point of almost falling asleep at the end. Enjoy!
— LIndsay N.
There are no words that can exactly express how grateful I am that my journey includes Jessica. Her teaching enlightens my spirit as well as my body with her wisdom that she so graciously shares...and with the singing voice of an angel.
— C.V.
Jessica is an exceptional yoga teacher with all the intangible things that I look for in a teacher. She genuinely loves yoga so much and lives the lifestyle that her teaching just naturally flows from her. I love the way she incorporates spirituality into the class as well. She will comment on the spiritual aspect of a pose as well as the nuances of how to feel it in our bodies. It is a real treat that sometimes during shavasana, Jessica will play her guitar and sing.
— Mary H.
My twice-weekly practices with Candi have been the highlight of my week for over 6 months now. Her deep knowledge of yoga and genuine love of teaching make yoga accessible to everyBODY. Her sense of fun and humor shine through and create a warm and judgement free atmosphere in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your expertise and encouraging my growth as your student!
— K.G.
I’ve been taking yin yoga class for 2 years now. The constant back pain that I used to have is mostly gone because of yin class. I look forward to going every Friday. The teacher reads beautiful quotes and poems at the end of class during her meditation that inspire you to go out and be a better person. Her personal touches in class mean so much. The hour and a half that I get to spend with Janine in Yin Yoga is heaven on earth. It is my hope that I can give the gifts I have received from Janine’s class back to the world.
— L.S.
I had never taken barre before and didn’t know what to expect at all, but Leija made me feel comfortable right away! Her laid back teaching style is what compelled me to keep coming back. I didn’t feel like I had to be at a certain level to keep up in the beginning and I love how she evolves the class to keep up with us now :)
— A.R.
My husband and I just love attending Candi’s classes. I am overweight and not very flexible but Candi always is encouraging and shows me alternative poses to fit my abilities. She helps me feel strong and able to do my practice wherever I am in that journey.
— B.S.
I am very happy with the yoga instruction at Center Street Studios. I have had classes with five teachers and all are very personable and competent. I take the regular Monday evening class with Candi and find it to be an enjoyable experience. She observes each student, and asks what we want to accomplish, and each week plans the activities that will help us get there. She is an experienced instructor, and has a variety of ways to teach us to reach our objective.
— A.L.