Our studio opens 30 minutes prior to the start of classes.  Please come in and make yourself comfortable.   The studio will also be open as needed for private lessons.  This schedule is subject to change and the most up-to-date information can be found at our Mindbody registration page.  Please click "book class" below for current class status.  If you visit during off hours, we're sorry we missed you.  Please feel free to contact us by email at lesley@centerstreetpilates.com  

8:30am: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
9:30am: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
6:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group  w/Lesley
6:00pm: All-Levels Yoga w/Candi
7:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
7:15pm: Candlelight Yin Yoga w/Candi
Private Lessons By Appointment

6:00am: Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Jessica
5:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group w/Christina
6:00pm: Mat Pilates w/Christina
7:00pm: Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Janelle
7:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group w/Christina
Private Lessons by Appointment

9:30am: Pilates Mat w/ Lesley
10:30am: Pilates Reformer Group w/ Lesley  
11:30am: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
5:00pm : Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
6:00pm: Mindful Flow Yoga w/ Jessica
6:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
7:00pm: Pilates Mat w/Lesley
7:15pm: Mindful Flow Yoga w/ Jessica
Private Lessons by Appointment

6:00pm: Pilates Reformer Group w/ Christina
7:00pm: All-Levels Yoga w/Candi
Private Lessons by Appointment

10:00am: Pilates Reformer Group w/Lesley
6:30pm: Candlelight Yin Yoga w/Candi (please confirm with MindBody schedule by clicking "book class" below as this class is sometimes canceled pending events in Old Town Manassas) 
Private Lessons by Appointment

9:00am: Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Janelle
8:00am: Pilates Mat w/ Lesley
9:00am: Pilates Circuit w/Christina
10:00am: Pilates Reformer Group w/ Christina
Private Lessons by Appointment

8:00am: Pilates Reformer Group w/ Lesley
9:00am: TRX Pilates Circuit w/Lesley
9:30am: TRX Pilates Circuit w/Dani
11:00am: Sunday Serenity Flow w/Kelly
Private Lessons by appointment

We recommend registration in advance via our online booking system MindBody Online.

Schedule is subject to change and is based on attendance and seasonality.  To stay up to date with the most current information including substitute teachers, schedule changes due to holidays and weather, and special events be sure to follow us on facebook.  

Our MindBody Online registration system is the most reliable source for up-to-date information regarding the class schedule.  Please click on the button below.